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Whether your brand is a global powerhouse that needs a fresh start or is just getting off the ground, we'll craft the messages that accomplish your brand goals and suit your business to a “T.”

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Founded in 2010 by one of Google's first content strategists, our hand-picked circle includes syndicated columnists, published authors, e-learning experts, and even two Emmy winners. Our diverse team brings bench strength in every area of communications, supporting a wide range of clients across many industries and verticals.

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Catchy taglines and sparkling copy only work when backed with a well-defined strategy and a solid plan to grab the attention of your audience and search engines alike.

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Fully distributed with talent located around the US and in Europe, Wordsmithie makes magic without layers of traditional agency bureaucracy. You’ll work directly with our top-flight writers, designers, and strategists, providing you maximum value.

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We stand with Ukraine. We stand with democracy.

What’s with the pretty pictures? Glad you asked! An eclectic and multicultural lot, Wordsmithies live life to the fullest with passions and avocations in locales that are truly our happy places—some of which you see as you scroll through our site. From writing novels and leading urban hikes to sportscasting and orchestrating musicals, we bring our whole selves and enriched life experiences to the work we do for you.

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Words We Love

Tittup [tit-uh p] noun –

An exaggerated prancing, bouncing movement or manner of moving. A twerk is a tittup, but not necessarily the other way around.

Gesticulate [je-stik-yuh-leyt] verb –

To express oneself using excited, animated gestures; especially useful during sporting events and election years.

Mashugana [muh-shoo g-uh-nuh] noun –

Yiddish for nonsense, silliness, or craziness. Or the person behaving as such.

Loquacious [loh-kwey-shuh s] adjective –

Talking freely and sometimes excessively. Don’t even get us started on loquacious people, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Micturate [mik-chuh-reyt] verb –

The polite way to say “urinate,” though micturating in public is anything but polite.

Boarding [bohr-ding] noun –

In ice hockey, a penalty for hitting an opponent into the protective boards surrounding the rink. In airport delays, the happiest moment of your life.

Antagonist [an-tag-uh-nist] noun –

The person who is opposed to the hero of the story. You might call them a “villain,” but we like to keep an open mind.

Maven [mey-vuh n] noun –

An expert or connoisseur. Usually a buzzkill at a cocktail party or wedding reception.

Analysand [uh-nal-uh-sand] noun –

A person undergoing psychoanalysis. Usually blamed on the mother.

Pontificate [pon-tif-i-keyt] verb –

To drone on and on about something in a stuck-up way. The Hipster’s Special.

Gobsmacked [gob-smakt] adjective –

Utterly astounded or astonished. Often experienced when finding a parking space, or when not finding a parking space.

Ruminate [roo-muh-neyt] verb –

To ponder or consider something deeply; not always caused by rum.

Gregarious [gri-gair-ee-uh s] adj –

Sociable, fond of the company of others; living in flocks or herds. Gregarious geese, for example.

Thither [thith -er] adverb –

To go toward, the forgotten antonym to “hither.” Or, Sylvester the Cat saying “scissor.”

Bespoke [bih-spohk] verb –

Made to order, custom-made. We’d use that word in our tagline, but nobody would know what it means — except maybe a tailor.

Fortuitous [fawr-too-i-tuh s] adjective –

Produced by good luck or chance, like forgetting to bring your lunch on Free Taco Tuesdays.

Luddite [luhd-ahyt] noun –

Someone who is opposed or resistant to new technology. We tried to Google it, but we never could figure out how to work that thing.

Akimbo [uh-kim-boh] adj, adv –

To stand with hands on hips, elbows bowed outward. Goes really well with the expression, “Oh, no you didn’t!”

Juxtaposition [juhk-stuh-puh-zish-uh-n] noun –

The placing of two things side-by-side for comparison. The reason broccoli tastes worse next to ice cream.