Best of the Wordsmithie Blog: 2016

It seems like just yesterday we were writing about the best of the Wordsmithie blog for 2015. How time flies! Now its time to review the best of the Wordsmithie blog for the first half of 2016. There are some great pieces in here, folks, so hold on to your hats and jump right in to reading the best of our best!

If you’re a writer, you won’t want to miss our post on must-have resources for writers; everything from reference guides to inspiration is included, and it’s the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen in a while. Speaking of comprehensive guides, we did our first blog series earlier this year, all around writing for various industries. If you’re interested in writing for the real estate, technology, startup, beauty, food, education or NGO sectors, these pieces are not to miss.

We were also lucky enough to get Spanish content strategist Bastiaan Ellen to write about why companies- all companies- need to get going when it comes content marketing. Look out for a more tactical piece about how, coming soon!

We’ll post another best of toward the end of the year. And if we missed out on any pieces you liked especially, you can always reach out via social media to let us know!


ABOUT Khaleelah Jones

Khaleelah Jones is a digital marketing consultant who has worked with tech startups, educational institutions and non-profits on acquisition and engagement strategy, implementation and KPI modeling. When she’s not working, she can be found reading, writing, pontificating history, yoga-ing and making up verbs.