How Wordsmithie’s Remote, Distributed Model Makes Our Team Even More Diverse (and Better, Faster, Stronger!)

Two people working at a desk with their laptops on a table, showing a remote team.

It’s no secret that a more diverse workplace transforms teams for better results across multiple success metrics. Increasing communication and collaboration, reducing rework/rehash, eliminating silos, boosting morale, and engaging in creative problem-solving are just some of the many benefits of growing your team’s diversity. When your team is enabled to flourish with a diversity of thought, (lived) experience, skills, communication styles, and distribution, it can and will be geared toward success.

Diverse, high-performance teams that are supported at the core by effective, authentic DEI initiatives (not just lip service or virtue signaling) will help your organization evolve by making better business decisions and fewer errors. Plus, they improve company morale, productivity, and culture, increase innovation and creativity, create more opportunities for engagement and collaboration, and strengthen the collective skill set of their participants. YOUR participants. But don’t just take our word for it: Here’s proof of how diverse teams drive growth and innovation, and some solid studies of why and how diverse teams work smarter, better, faster

You know what else adds to a more well-rounded team? Fostering a remote workforce. Many folks continue to remain skeptical (without evidence) even after we shifted to a remote workforce in industries and companies across the globe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the research indicates that remote working (and learning and training) offer typically underrepresented groups (such as women, people of color, those who are differently abled, and LGBTQIA+ individuals) opportunities to engage in more meaningful work. It also frees them of many workplace stressors that inhibit their overall productivity, creativity, and team participation. 

Simply put: We know that some people work better in non-traditional (office) environments, so why not let your diverse workforce produce more powerful results from home? Even more simply put: Let’s meet and support folks where they are.

Offering better accommodation opportunities isn’t the only benefit of a remote workforce. When recruiting for remote positions, you’ll be more likely to find those exceptional candidates who might be overlooked in certain markets. You’ll also stretch beyond the limitations of your local demographics. Creating a diverse, remote workforce sets you up for a more inclusive, energetic company culture geared for success with team buy-in every step of the way. What business leader doesn’t wish for that? (Hint: NO ONE. It’s 2023, y’all.)

At Wordsmithie, we’ve taken this approach and sensibility to heart from the very beginning with a remote workforce spanning seven countries and a range of different time zones. Our commitment to elevating diversity allows us to offer a highly-skilled, high-performance team with a wide range of lived experience to our clients who demand excellence at every turn. Wordsmithies speak multiple languages including Hebrew, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and German, represent a variety of different nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities, and range in age from Gen Z to Boomers. They’re also experts in their fields—from writers to designers, developers to strategists, our expert team is so much more than the sum of ALL its varying parts. Even more powerful: the synergy our team brings to your priorities and projects.

The variety of perspectives our exceptional team offers enhances each project we start, every problem we solve—ALL from the safety and comfort of our team members’ homes, offices, local cafés, and wherever we choose to do our best work. 

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We hope you’re inspired to build your own best team—remotely! 

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