Is Blogging Dead?

A woman sitting at a desk, in front of a laptop, holding a pencil.

Yes, absolutely. That’s the reason why we’re writing this post, and why you’re reading it now. This shows clearly that blogging is dead, kaput, finis–

Hold on. Blogging must not be dead. We’re doing it right this second.

Do people still read blogs?

Perhaps we should rephrase the question. Not “Is blogging dead?” or “Has AI killed blogging?” but rather, “What is the future of blogging?”  To answer that, let’s do a speed recap of blog history.

Before the internet, we had diaries, not blogs. Your grandma, when she was a teenager, wanted to be a blogger, but she didn’t have the internet. She had a pink pen and lined sheets of paper. She did amazing work with what she had. 

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Then the internet arrived, and we still had no blogs. We had lists, news stories, Star Trek fan pages, and Corgi discussion boards, but it took a few years for people to realize they could keep a running “weblog” of their thoughts. Very soon after, companies realized that they could do blogs, too. With powerful results!

Now hit the fast-forward button through MySpace, virtual reality, social media, the metaverse, and all the rest. In all that time, people kept asking “Is blogging dead?” and the answer was always, “Yes, absolutely.” 

Yet people and businesses just kept blogging. That’s because a blog offers something special: Exactly the amount of space you need to share your big ideas. With no deadline, no limits, and nothing between you and the reader. A one-to-one meetup with the utter freedom to say what you need.

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That’s why blogging is not dead. So what’s the future of blogging? To address the 800-pound generative gorilla in the room: Yes, AI will affect blogging. But most likely not the way you think. It’s pretty clear that AI will help copywriters, not replace them.

For instance, here’s an interaction we had last week with Google’s Bard AI. We were working on a piece that needed a silly medical moment but were briefly stumped. So we asked Bard:

Food poisoning, maybe not so funny. But hiccups? Pimples? Dental floss stuck in teeth? Those are funny! Good job, Bard. We can work with that.

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Bloggers will keep blogging, using AI to inspire or expand on ideas — just as writers have always used magazines, reference books, and the internet itself for the same purpose. Businesses will keep blogging because it works. The transactional value is as clear as it’s always been: We’ve got something important to tell you. Here it is.

OK, now it’s time for the big surprise at the end of the post: This entire blog post was written by an AI. It was generated out of nothing from a series of prompts and— 

No, sorry, that’s not right. Kidding! We just wanted to do the surprise twist again. This blog post was 100% done by a real writer. There’s nothing like the human touch, after all. The real surprise twist is that blogging is absolutely not dead. Blogging is, once again, the future.

ABOUT Fritz Holznagel

Fritz Holznagel is a veteran writer who likes to turn high-tech talk into clear, friendly words. He has written for Google, full-time and as a vendor, since 2004, as well as for clients like Ensono, Eventbrite, Kronos, GiveDirectly, and Intuit. Fritz’s special joy is rewriting to get rid of big words and jargon, and he leads corporate workshops on the topic. In a past life, Fritz won the 1995 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, represented the USA in the 1996 Jeopardy! Olympic Tournament, and won an Emmy for scripting the CBS special A Claymation Easter Celebration.