Why We’re Grateful This Year

Not long ago we celebrated our fifth birthday. I waxed lyrical about our half-decade of existence in a blog post; if you missed it, I shared a lot about what we’ve learned as an agency in the past five years. I’m grateful for all those lessons. They’ve helped Wordsmithie transform in to what it is today, and will be tomorrow: A place where great talent and clients come together to tell stories that build brands.

In the spirit of the holiday we celebrated last week, I wanted to share what we’re thankful for, both this year and in years past.

Clients. Without them, Wordsmithie wouldn’t exist! We’ve been on many interesting projects in the past year- and previous years- that have taught us so much. We’ve learned not only about each company and how they function, but how we can put past experiences and lessons learned to work for current clients and their projects. (If you want we can be specific about which clients, or we can keep it broad.)

Collaborators. Just as important, our Wordsmithie collaborators, who we mentioned in the fifth anniversary post, are a team of highly qualified, dedicated professionals from all over the world.  Despite being dispersed, from San Francisco to Singapore and beyond, we all have one thing in common: The hard work and dedication we have to Wordsmithie and our clients. Our rock-star team always gets the job done, and our clients (and I!) appreciate their hard work and dedication to quality, strategic thinking and timely delivery.

Partners. Our partners help us meet the needs of our clients by expanding our capabilities past the proficiencies of our core collaborators. Among them: MTM Linguasoft, with whom we work on localization and transcreation (they know how to make our words sing in any language), and Shirlyn Wong, our videography partner (she brings our scripts to life with heart and flair). We also enjoy working with our digital design partners, including Squeaky Carrot, which brought our site to life (watch for an update nex year!). They, along with our other amazing “best of breed” partners, help make us look good and enhance our work.

Resources. We wouldn’t function without all the online tools we use, including (but not limited to) Google Drive and Docs, which helps us work across time zones and borders with clients and collaborators alike. Actually, we’re thankful for the whole Google for Work / Google Apps suite, as Hangouts, Gmail and Calendar are also very, very important factors for us. We also use tools such as Harvest (for time-tracking), and WordPress (to publish our site and blog).

We’re thankful for all of the above, and more — including the insights and instincts of our colleagues and friends around the world with whom we share the great adventure of pioneering a digital agency and mindset.

ABOUT Laura Bergheim

The founder and CEO of Wordsmithie, Laura has more than two decades of experience as a journalist, author, content creator, agency owner and creative strategist. She founded Wordsmithie in 2010 after leaving Google, where she was a senior content strategist and senior editor for monetized products such as AdWords.