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Wordsmithie Spotlight Series | Khaleelah Jones

Creating a Global Community for Women in Tech

Keeping up with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing trends is no small feat. That’s why Wordsmithie has award-winning digital marketer Khaleelah Jones, MBA, Ph.D. (in Emerging Media) as our SEO and social media lead (and why she also runs our own blog, social media, and website). Since 2015, Khaleelah has driven our own social media marketing strategy and overseen our agency blog, which covers everything from writing to design to branding. She also guides the SEO-first content strategy that Wordsmithie has implemented through blog posts and landing pages. Khaleelah has led several social media projects for our clients, creating engaging, high-quality social content that increases engagement with client brands. She also works on projects with large eCommerce businesses.

Although based in London, Khaleelah was born in the U.S.; she shares a hometown, Alexandria, VA, with our founder Laura Bergheim and her brother, our Chief Strategy Officer, David Bergheim. On both sides of the pond, Khaleelah has built a reputation as a top digital marketing consultant and tech entrepreneur. She was named a 2020 EUTop50 Woman Entrepreneur Finalist by Knowledge4Innovation in collaboration with EU Parliament. She was also named 2020 TechWomen100 Winner for her work as founder of Careful Feet Digital Agency, which created Dime Digital, a SaaS tool that automates social media posting and brand creation for small businesses and solopreneurs. Khaleelah’s professional focus has long been on supporting startups and small businesses, helping them to grow their reach and widen their brand awareness. 

In 2021, Khaleelah launched her podcast the Dark Feminine, which covers topic around entrepreneurship, business leadership and strategy for women of color in tech. Khaleelah says all her work experiences “really have accumulated so that I can be a woman who not only leaves the door open for other women, but ushers them into the room.” Her diverse experience and perspective in the digital marketing and startup worlds benefits Wordsmithie and makes her an inspiring leader and entrepreneur.  

Wordsmithie is so proud to have this rock star on our team!

ABOUT Heidi LaFleche

Heidi launched her writing career as a newspaper and magazine journalist—most notably as a Boston correspondent for People magazine. She transitioned into marketing communications for business, helping clients find the right words to engage their audiences. Heidi is a Senior Editor for Wordsmithie, and also runs her own freelance writing business on the side. She writes within a range of industries including technology, healthcare, financial services, legal services, education and nonprofits. Her slogan: “Every business has a story. Let’s tell yours together.”