Working with Wordsmithie

You might remember an old tagline from a burger chain: Have it your way. It’s the same way in our business. Every client is different, with unique needs, experiences and expectations. There is no single, approved way to handle a project. Each one is different—and although we have standard processes, we usually tweak them to meet individual needs.

Take a case study, as an example. We write lots of case studies here, for clients worldwide. Some want us to handle the entire process, beginning with phone interviews to gather the basic story first-hand. We even help draft the question lists. A few clients, on the other hand, prefer to supply us with all the pertinent background information, and have us simply write it up. We’re fine with working either way, or with any variation. What never varies, though, is Wordsmithie’s own internal editorial processes.

Let’s say that we’re writing the case study for a technology client, to describe how a customer company uses one of that client’s software product. Our copywriter writes the first draft, which we review internally. Once we’re satisfied, we share the copy with the client for review and changes. Once the client is satisfied, we share it with the customer company for approval. Only then, once we have that final approval, do we give the copy to our designer for layout.

Wordsmithie is based in Silicon Valley. Not surprisingly, we often work entirely through Google Docs, which makes collaboration between dispersed teams very easy. One thing that we stress with everyone, however, is the need for perfecting all of the content within the copy document(s). We can make changes once the piece has gone into design and layout, of course … but it takes much longer, and costs the client more.

So, definitely have it your way. But if you’ll take a few tips from us, the results will be quick and affordable.

We look forward to working with you. Contact us anytime.

ABOUT Laura Bergheim

The founder and CEO of Wordsmithie, Laura has more than two decades of experience as a journalist, author, content creator, agency owner and creative strategist. She founded Wordsmithie in 2010 after leaving Google, where she was a senior content strategist and senior editor for monetized products such as AdWords.