Working with Your Wordsmithie Creative Team

Wordsmithie has been a wonderful partner, working alongside us on everything from content planning and strategy to white-paper, case-study and tip-sheet writing. They really ‘get’ us, and know how to shape and share information that resonates with event organizers.

– Megan Buell, manager, lead generation, Eventbrite

Your direct connection to top talent

Some agencies create walls. Everything must pass through the account executive, with little or no interaction between the client and copywriter. Wordsmithie is different. While you’ll have lots of contact with your project manager (we call them Studio Directors), you’ll get to work directly with your Wordsmithie creatives, too. We think it’s important. It reduces the little misunderstandings that can hamper a project, and it makes the whole process quicker. Most important, it strengthens overall communication.

Our team routinely keeps in touch via email, phone or videoconference … but if you prefer working only through your Studio Director, that’s fine as well. Our work is global, which means Wordsmithie is more widely dispersed than most agencies our size. (We have ‘smithies in the United States, Europe and Asia.) We routinely collaborate with clients from Norway to New Zealand, India to Israel. A virtual get-together between three distant countries isn’t unusual, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Experience around the globe

Success for a far-flung operation like Wordsmithie takes experience. For one thing, we always know what time it is—everywhere. When arranging a video or conference call, we keep in mind the time in your location. We try to schedule meetings so everybody can participate during normal business hours. If that’s not feasible, we find out what works best for everyone involved. And if you choose to make an off-hours call from home, that’s fine, too. We completely understand when Fido barks, Junior has a meltdown or Fluffy strolls in front of the camera.

Wordsmithie also keeps track of local calendars. No one wants to face a critical deadline only to discover that a key player is unavailable because of a religious festival or national holiday. So we ask international partners during kickoff meetings whether there are any holidays or events we should keep in mind.

Everyone on the same page

We usually share our drafts or visual comps via Google Docs. But if you’re more accustomed to working with offline documents, we’re happy to collaborate via email. Wordsmithie has version-control procedures in place, so you always know exactly where your project stands. We also make sure that you’re familiar with our editorial process. Understanding precisely how a project moves from concept to completion, step by step, saves you time and money. Knowing exactly what’s due, when and why, means you never have to redo something that others thought was already finished.

As brand chameleons, Wordsmithie gets inside your head at lightning speed to understand what makes your brand tick. And we have a knack for discovering the secret ingredients to make your message shine. Learn more about us by getting in touch today.

ABOUT Jim Leeke

Widely experienced in journalism, marketing communications and advertising, Jim has worked with top creative agencies to deliver print, Internet and interactive projects to Fortune 500 companies. His expertise ranges from technology and healthcare/pharmaceuticals to defense and veterans issues. Jim is also the author/editor of six books, writing extensively on the Civil War and baseball. In addition to his Wordsmithie role, Jim is Co-founder and Creative Director of Taillight Communications.